The thing I call my job :)

This is really what keeps me happy and easy-going. I love my job. I love photography. I wish that I could afford some better equipment, but… I am getting there! Slowly, but surely. You know, just last night I got a small shock when I realized just how easy people seem to think a photographer’s job is. It’s not. Chances are, if your photographer is doing your photoshoot for anything less than $100, they aren’t able to make a full living off of it. Which means they’re more than likely doing it because they simply enjoy using cameras. I decided to add these pictures on this blog as well as my photography blog because it is a large part of bettering my life. I hope that one day I will be able to earn at least a decent income from this, but until then, I’m still going to have fun and enjoy what I’m doing.

It is really relaxing. Most of the clients I deal with are carefree and patient. Great people to be around, and I’m glad that I get to be involved in their lives… even if it is only for a short time. The next thing that I’m going to do within the next short while is bring my camera out for some landscape shots. I’ve been pretty busy with my clients, but sometimes it’s just nice to take a step back and just grab some stills of a sunset. You don’t have to worry about ideas, or posing, or prep. These are things that just come to you, and you’re not usually on a time limit.

Here are a few of my more recent shots from this season:






I was so lucky to have found a job that I love. The number one thing you can do for yourself is make YOU happy. Do you love your profession? Is it time to go back to school? Time to upgrade? Or maybe even just ask for that hard-earned raise! Do something for yourself, especially professionally, and a lot of the rest of your life will follow.

Talk to you all soon!

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