Makeup and hair test!


Tonight I decided to try out some ideas on hair and makeup for tomorrow night’s semi-formal get-together.
All in all, I must say I’m pretty pleased with what I see there.
I did a blue smokey eye, and a curly up-do.
I just bought the shirt from Walmart tonight, and I must say I am super-pleased. It is really comfortable while still looking classy enough for a little semi.
I need to add some accessories, maybe some arm bands and probably silver earrings to match the chain on the shirt.
While I was out, I also bought Taboo, some glasses and a few other things too. I’ll try to take a few seconds out of tomorrow’s prepping to take pictures!

Check me out on instagram if you want to see them where they’ll come out first @3toa10life!

Wish me luck!

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