Feel free to call me Barb, and come along for the ride:

This is a simple blog about my journey to improve my life. After giving it some serious thought, I’ve decided I need to make a major change to improve my life, as well as the lives of those around me, especially my two daughters. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve got a lot of things to work on (even though I have started a bunch already!). Currently I would rate my average life as a 3/10, hence the blog name, but I am here to change this! Between the house that’s ready to explode with “junk”, and the schedule-lacking life I live, plus my being overweight, really the only good things I have constantly are my beautiful daughters, their father (my boyfriend), and the love and support of those around me, which is worth a lot. The point of this blog is to motivate myself, and hopefully YOU!

In short this blog will contain:

Home improvements
A ton of DIYs
Activities or things to do with children
Fitness updates
Organizational aids and posts
Some of my photography
Farm updates, recipes, etc.
Printable aids
Basically everything I need or use or think you guys might want to get our lives a little more organized and healthy ;).

These are the areas that I really want to focus on improving:

Currently, my house seems like IS a disaster area. With constant renovations that always get started, but never finished, and two small children running around leaving messes, it seems like there simply isn’t enough time in my day to clean this place up. With the addition of three (sometimes four) men who usually can’t seem to clean up after themselves, and a house that was already full of the items kept by the previous generations of my family, it really gets tough. HOWEVER, I strongly believe that when I get scheduled to have a set amount of time to clean every day the mess will start to fade away. Also, as I work towards cleaning out my house of all the extra clutter, this should make room for the stuff I have, and everyday items will have a designated spot to go to (these ideas work great on paper at least!)

Secondly, there’s my personal health, as well as the health of everyone in this house. As a mother, it’s my job to teach my children how to eat healthy, make good choices, and enjoy clean food. Sometimes I feel as though I’m lacking in that department, because I simply can’t keep up and we end up going to McD’s a few times a month. I need to work on becoming more active myself, as a role model for my children, and as a method of dropping the extra weight I’m carrying. I’ll tell you that my goal weight is 140lbs, although I would be extremely content with 160lbs. instead if that was where my weight loss mellowed out. Fitting activity into my daily life is difficult, and I seem to be running out of healthy recipes, but through research, trial and error, and sheer determination I WILL make this work, for myself, for my children and for our future.

I would also like to work on my interactions with my children. I want to spend more time, doing more activities with them. Sure, we play together, we snuggle together, and we learn together, but a lot of this time seems to involve some sort of electronic be it Xbox 360, VTech MobiGo2, GameBoy, tablet, etc. But I want to become more hands-on, more often. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pride when your daughter just made her first pie! Or when she plants her first seed! These moments happen through doing, getting up and getting out! When I spend less time thinking about what I need to clean, and more time on my children, I can see a noticeable difference. I’m not saying that giving my children time to themselves is a bad thing when I clean, but I would like our time together to be MORE. More memories to really cherish, instead of the same old routines.

Lastly, there’s my *ahem* uh… “professional” life. I really want to bring my family’s old farm back to where it can actually bring in some income… or at the very least I would love it if we could eat our own clean food, picked fresh from our own garden. This is really time-consuming and whatnot, but little by little every year we seem to always take a step forward venturing even further into the world of old. It’s as simple as this, people should know what they’re eating. People should plant their own gardens, or if they don’t have time for that, maybe go shopping at their local farmer’s market. As a group, we have gone step by step further and further away from our own food. This will include my journey towards cleaner eating, for myself and my family. And I can’t forget my photography company, which I’m sure I’ll get into more detail on later down the road, but for now if you’re interested feel free to visit http://www.BarbaraDPhotography.com!

If any of these things appeal to you, if you think you would enjoy following along do so. Maybe we can motivate each other! Or bookmark my page and visit often. I’ll try to post at the absolute least once a week for you guys!

Thanks for your time,
Can’t wait to hear from you!

Barb Deveau

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