Juice Recipe #1

If you have a juicer and you’re wondering what to juice in it for fear it might taste awful, here’s a recipe to get you started. Please note that there are two steps, firstly the juicing, followed by the blending.


This recipe makes a good amount, and I’ll be using it primarily for 2 adults throughout the day.

So first JUICE:
2-3 medium sized beets
1 cucumber
5 or 6 celery stalks
4-6 carrots
3 small or 2 large apples
2 lemons

Don’t omit the lemons! They give it a beautiful citrus zip and they help to detox your body.

The second step is to BLEND:
2-3 cups of the juice
1 banana
A handful of swiss chard or spinach
2 spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt.

It makes for a delicious juice, great for mornings to get your body headed in the right direction.

Let me know how you like it!