Wine – the beginning

Okay, not the TRUE beginning of wine, because that would be out in a field of grapes… and we’re still using kits. But it is the beginning of a kit.


We began making wine in october of last year and it was a success. We loved it, but it turns out that we loved it so much we ran out! So we went back to the wine store and picked up a couple of new gadgets as well as a couple of kits.
We are currently making a red wine called “Vieux Chateau du Roi”, which my father instead translated to “The King’s Old Castle” since he can remember it that way.
It was so much easier this time, add a little warm water, a little packet, dump in the grape juice, sprinkle in the oak and sprinkle the yeast on top… wait.
My daughters are at the age where they love helping in the kitchen, so we encourage it as often as possible a.k.a. whenever it’s safe to let them. So grampy helped them both and they each had a turn helping us get this started. It’s just a shame they won’t be able to drink what they’ve helped create this time! Oh well, I’m sure they will some day. At least this way, if we can maintain their interest throughoit the years, they’ll be well more than capable of making their own wine.

Anyway, I’ll let you guys know how this batch is going as we move on to the next step!

Let me know if you have any questions!